Tanzania Safari

Scheduling the Superlative Wildlife Safari Escape with Antelope Safaris

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Scheduling the Superlative Wildlife Safari Escape with Antelope Safaris

Having confusion on what to be included in your Tanzania Safari package? If yes, then there are some exclusive plans that you can involve to make your wildlife safari experience breathtakingly with the tailor-made safari of Antelope Safaris.

Tanzania Safari

Antelope Safaris welcomes you to the most mesmerizing World of safari, Tanzania. Let us take you to a kingdom full of diverse cultures, thrilling big game and thundering activities of natural wonders, vast wilderness areas and big open skies and everywhere you go, you will be greeted by warm welcoming smiles.

Tanzania Safari is once in life experience and making it a wonder is the part of your planning. Many people have seen rhino but very fewer people are there who explored black rhino from the much closer part. You can be one among them to see the big 5 and the endangered species of Africa in a supernatural way. Drive your car or rent it from the safari operator any of these can make you feel adventurous.

Read out the following blog to know about them in details:

Group Escorted Tours

Are you feeling lonely while traveling alone to the Tanzania Safari Tours? If yes, then visit the Tanzania location in a group escort tours. Here you can explore new places while having adventure and fun as well as make uncountable friends with the people around the globe. Some other things can be experienced better in Africa like the food and culture of new people as well as you have to pay a lesser fee than a single safari.

Private Individual Tours

Private individual tours are quite similar to luxury safari because here you will experience nothing less than a bossy safari. Here you will be given the option that you want to drive your vehicle or will hire a driver. You can stop at any place that you want to see closely during the safari as well as you will be getting the best hotels in options to live. With this facility, you can also discover some of the unknown places in Africa during Tanzania Safari Tours.

Tanzania Safari

Where Should You Go for Your Wildlife Safari?

Are you in confusion about where to visit in Tanzania? If yes, then visit the Tanzania National Park which is one of the best parts of African destinations. Check out some of the best safari destinations below.

Tanzania Safari

  • Arusha National Park

Arusha National Park is the closest destination that you can visit after landing over Tanzania international airport. If you want to see all the wonders of nature at a single place with less time than this is the best Tanzania National Park to visit. Here you can see a crater, mountain, lake, wildlife, slopes, and summit. Watch the resting black and white furry Columbus monkey.

  • Tarangire National Park

Have a glimpse of jumbo moving in herds on the beautiful path of Tarangire National Park. This park is having a high rate of the baobab tree and acacia tree as well as you can find all over greenery so this is the favorite place of elephants. Predators are less seen in this place as there is a huge quantity of elephants seen over here during Tanzania Safari.

  • Serengeti National Park

Spot the large herd of million numbers of wildebeest with thousand of zebras and antelope moving together in a particular direction to have the juicy grasses in Serengeti National Park. Witness the roar of jungle king as well as see them hunting, fighting and protecting others in the jungle in 2nd biggest Tanzania National Parks.

  • Ngorongoro Conservation area

Observe the Big 5 inside one of the biggest crater of the world Ngorongoro Conservation Area. You can also observe them & know why they are the biggest wildlife attraction in Africa. Live at topmost mountain part over 600 feet from the water body during Tanzania Safari Tours.

Best itinerary – 5 Days Tanzania Wildlife Safari

You would be assuming that how to cover these areas during your limited Tanzania Safari. So, here 5 Days Tanzania Wildlife Safari itineraries that can help you to plan your safari.

Kilimanjaro Airport Transfer- Arusha

On your first day, after your landing you will be received from the Kilimanjaro Airport by the tour operators then you will be taken to the Inns and lodges of Arusha. Here you will take some rest for the night after having dinner.


Starting a fresh morning with the calmness of nature of Arusha from here your journey will start at 6 AM. You will visit the Tarangire National Park and spend 6 hours with the jumbos and other herbivores animals. At the end of the day, you will be residing in a lodge of Tarangire.


3rd day will start from the freshness of the Tarangire region. At early 6 AM, you will be going to the Ngorongoro Conservation Area to watch the miraculous nature which is home to the big 5 of Africa.

Ngorongoro Conservation Area

After a happy night’s sleep with a refreshing shower, your journey starts from the Ngorongoro Conservation Area in and throughout the day you will be wondering in it. It is fairly difficult to visit the entire vast plains of Ngorongoro in a single day.

Ngorongoro- Arusha

On the last day of the journey, you will be driven to the Arusha region. From there you will go to the Kilimanjaro International Airport in the evening. In your free time, you can roam through the local market of Tanzania to buy some memorable gifts for your family.

We hope that now it will be easy for you to plan the best Tanzania Safari with the above plans. Yes!!! Then don’t wait for anything and pack your bag for the adventurous trip to the national parks of Tanzania.

Now experience the adventure with easy steps by visiting the Antelope Safaris where you can get more ideas about the prices and plans. Here you can find the more information you are seeking for @ antelopesafaris.com

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