Best Places to Enjoy the Wildlife of Tanzania

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Best Places to Enjoy the Wildlife of Tanzania

Welcome to Tanzania! The country from the blessing of Mother Nature. The dazzling and mesmerizing beauty & diverse wildlife of Tanzania attracts millions of visitors every year from every corner of the world. Tanzania destinations are famous not only for their natural beauty but also for their diversified flora and fauna. Tanzania is home to the Serengeti National Park, one of the oldest ecosystems and Mount OLDoinyoLengai, the only active volcano with an eruption of carbonatite lava in the world. This country is also home to a diversified ecological system.

There are a lot of world-famous Tanzania destinations you likely to go during your Tanzania Safari. Here is some information about those destinations in brief:

Serengeti National Park

Serengeti national park

The Serengeti National Park is located in the northern region of Tanzania. It is the second-largest national park in Tanzania.

Serengeti National Park is world-famous as one of the oldest ecosystems in the world. With a huge diversity, this park is one of the famous Tanzania destinations for the highest lion population in the world.

Great Migration of millions of wildebeest, zebras, Thompson, impala, and grant’s gazelles towards the search of new grasslands, is such a phenomenal wildlife event, which makes Serengeti National Park a great point of attraction.

For watching great migration, December to July and for watching the wild game, July to October is the best time to visit.

Ngorongoro Conservation Area

ngorongoro conservation area

Ngorongoro Conservation Area is situated in South-East of Serengeti National Park and Northern East in Tanzania.

This is the place where you can find the initial signs of Homo habilis, which is 2 million years old human fossils. The most popular place you will visit in this area is The Ngorongoro Crater, the world’s largest deep, volcanic crater, unbroken calderas, which was formed by eruption and collapse of the volcano about 15 million years old. The Ngorongoro Crater is always filled up with grasses and gathers herds of wildebeest, zebra, buffalo, also Thomson’s and Grant’s gazelle. That’s why it is also known as ‘the Garden of Eden’. Due to its natural beauty and animal paradise, this is one of the best places to visit in Tanzania.

You can find other animals such as lion, elephant, leopard, buffalo, rhino, Golden Jackal, Spotted hyena during your Tanzania Safari.

The best time to visit Ngorongoro Conservation Area is during the dry season which is from, June to October and December to January.

Lake Manyara National Park

Lake manyara Park

Lake Manyara National Park, famous for its bird diversity, which is situated between Lake Manyara and Great Rift Valley. It is located in the northern part of Tanzania.

If you love birds, then this park is the best place for you. More than 400 bird species in mass with colored flamingos flock on the shores of Manyara Lake can make you speechless. It is one of the Tanzania destinations where you can see tree-climbing lions. You can find some animals such as spotted hyena, black-backed jackal, bat-eared fox, serval, honey badger, African civet, genet, African golden cat, etc. with other wild animals.

You can easily spot olive baboon and Sykes monkey in this park. Short-eared galago, Cape clawless otter, Egyptian mongoose will make your Tanzania safari more interesting.

Visiting this park in July to October can make your experience pleasant and blissful.

Tarangire National Park

Tarangire National park

Tarangire National Park is located in the northern part of Tanzania and situated in the south-east of Manyara Lake in the Manyara region.

The landscape of Tarangire is drier than Serengeti despite of “swamps”, and also full of acacia woodlands, elephant grass.

Famous for its baobab trees and the highest population of elephants, it is also the habitat for dwarf mongoose, banded mongoose, vervet monkey, olive baboon, wildebeests, zebras, buffalo, giraffes, rhinos, lions, leopards, and many more. Tarangire is also a beautiful place for bird lovers. The wide varieties of species make it the most beautiful wildlife in Tanzania.

This Tanzania destination is also famous for different species of antelope such as eland, impala, kudu, Oryx, waterbuck, dik-dik, Bohorreedbuck, generuk, Thomson’s and Grant’s gazelle, Coke’s hartebeest, etc.

To see the beauty of wild activities of both resident and migratory animals, the dry season that is June to October, is best for you.

Selous Game Reserve

selous game reserve

The Selous Game Reserve is among the popular Tanzania destinations as it is the largest as well as the oldest protected area in Africa than Serengeti and Kruger National park. It is located in the southern part of Tanzania.

Due to its largest diversified flora and fauna, this is one of the best places to safari in Tanzania. It provides quality of safaris like boating, walking, fly camping, standard game drives and one of the game reserves to allow hiking. As it is a game reserve, you can drive off-road to get the closest view of wildlife activities.

It is famous for the highest population of endangered wild dogs, which is about half of the world. Predators like lion and leopard are also high in numbers. In the northern part of the reserve, you can find a large population of giraffe and hippos in the Rufiji River.

you can get to see various habitats such as blue wildebeest, Nyasaland gnu, sable, eland, kudu, waterbuck, hartebeest, zebras, reedbuck, warthog, hyena and Pel’s fishing owl, etc.

July to October is the best time to watch the whole game closer to you. Because of migration, you need to plan, if your travel plan is in January and February.

Arusha National Park

Arusha National park

Arusha National Park is one of the best places in Tanzania to witness various wildlife.  The park is placed in the north-east of Arusha town and the northern part of Tanzania. In this park, you can find the Mt. Meru, the 7 Momela lakes, Ngorongoro crater. Due to the closeness of National Park and Kilimanjaro International Airport, Arusha is known as “Safari town”. Despite having a small area, this national park is home to the exotic wildlife in Tanzania.

The most interesting fact is that the 7 momela lakes were born by the last volcanic eruption of Mt. Meru. It is a famous Tanzania destination for having the highest number of giraffes and different bird species including a mass of flamingos, migrant waterfowls.

This is one of the best places to safari in Tanzania due to rarely seen blue monkeys, colorful turacos and trogons in the mountain ecosystem and a daily view of the black-and-white colobus monkey and elegant blue monkeys in rain forest.

Other animals you can see include African Cape buffalo, zebra, warthog, elephant, bushbuck, etc. During the travel to Arusha national park, you can do walking safaris, game drives, canoe safaris, trekking on Mt. Meru.

As this is the best places for birds, visiting from November to April is the best idea for bird lovers. Except in March, you can visit this place in any month of the year.

Ruaha National Park

Ruaha National Park


Ruaha National Park is located at West of Selous Game Reserve in the Southern part of Tanzania. This is the best places to visit in Tanzania, and has a great population of wild dogs and elephants, with impala, Grant’s gazelle, hartebeest, eland, waterbuck, cheetah, leopard, spotted hyena, etc. During the visit, you can see the lions with their pride and the antelopes. Ruaha National Park is well-known for kudu and wild dog and the scenic view of the sunset is a must-watch.

June to August is the best time for getting a closer view of the wildlife of Ruaha National Park.

Usambara Mountains

Usambara Mountains

The Usambara Mountain is located in the north-east part of Tanzania. the mountain range is divided into West Usambara and East Usambara sub-ranges. You have to enter in Lushoto town for the West Usambara and Amani town for the East Usambara.

The Usambara Mountain is the best destination for hiking, biking, birding, etc. On the bottom of this mountain, you can also explore the beautiful  Mkomazi National Park. You can commonly witness various bird species, such as Usambara Weaver, UsambaraAkalat and Usambara Eagle-owl, etc. This is the best place for relaxing for those who want to take a break in long safari.

The nearby attractions of this place are Lushoto Waterfall, Shagayu Natural forest, Mambo footprints and caves, and Mkomazi National Park. Meanwhile, you can also enjoy the hiking option in the Mkuzi forest.

The best time to visit the Usambara Mountain is between June to December.

Gombe Stream National Park

Gombe National Park

Gombe Stream National Park is the smallest wildlife in Tanzania. It was discovered by Jane Morris Goodall when doing her research on chimpanzees. It is located in the western part of the Kigoma region, this National Park is set on the Shore of Tanganyika Lake.

Due to tropical rainforests, bamboo trees on the Shore of Tanganyika Lake and grass made carpet; it is one of the most beautiful places. You can see different species of primates or chimpanzees with other bird species.

Some examples are like bush pigs, giant kingfishers, trumpeter hornbills, etc. Other species except chimpanzees are olive baboons, red colobus, red-tailed monkeys, blue monkeys, vervet monkeys, etc.

The view of crystal clear water of lake and greenery of tropical forest looks like a paradise of nature and most elegant. You can do hiking, chimp trekking, Forest walks, and Snorkeling. As a natural paradise, this is one of the best places to visit in Tanzania.

Visiting this place between May – October will make your experience more enjoyable. You can spot different species of primates in October and December. It normally rains in November month.

Katavi National Park

katavi National Park

Katavi National Park, the third-largest national park of Tanzania, is located in the western part of Tanzania.

The most attractive thing you will notice here is the unchanged wildlife and friendly interaction between animals such as lion and buffalo. This is one of the best places to safari in Tanzania because of its unchanged wildlife.

Some habitats available are cape buffaloes, zebras, wildebeest, giraffes, elephants and high population of the hippopotamus. Most visitors come from July to October, as this duration is the best time to explore the wildlife of Tanzania.

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