Saadani National Park

Saadani National Park – Where Pleasure Of Wildlife And Beach Meet

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Saadani National Park – Where Pleasure Of Wildlife And Beach Meet

Saadani National Park in Tanzania is a tri combination of beach, park and conservation area. Until 1960 Saadani was popularly known as a National Conservation Area but after 2002 it has been converted into a National Park.

Saadani National Park

Every year this national park experiences nearly 10000 visitors. A maximum traveler visits this park to have combined fun of adventure and safari. Saadani National Park is situated in the southern circuit of Tanzania. Saadani National Park will amaze you with every step of safari with its diverse scenarios. Some astonishing views like a lion roaring near the beach and the giraffe taking sunbath will be jaw-dropping moments.

Large mangrove trees standing in a queue as a wall between the vast forest and magnificent beach of Saadani. The shore is filled with golden sand and bluish water. Every corner of Saadani National Park is packed with numerous wildlife.

One of its sides covered with the great Indian Ocean, into which you can explore an unbelievable colorful world. Nearly 4 animals out of big 5 can be discovered here. Some of the common animals like giraffes, lions, elephants, buffalos, warthog, reedbucks and hartebeests can be discovered here.

Saadani National Park

Visiting Saadani

Saadani National Park is a year-round destination, so you can visit this Tanzania Safari destination anytime. Due to the closeness of this park to the beach, this place experiences a constant temperature over time.

Saadani National Park

While wandering into this national park you will feel the slow cool breeze passing your body. Saadani only experiences two weather conditions dry and wet.

Most of the travelers come to this park during summer. It is also the best time to have the fun of beaches. From November to May it offers the exclusive bird watching experience to the visitors. Jan – Feb, and June to October are times with no rain so make the Saadani Safari Tour exciting.

How to Get There?

You can reach to this unique National Park of Tanzania  from two supreme points of Tanzania. Firstly airway from Dar es Salaam and others from Zanzibar.

  • From Dar es Salaam 

The distance between Saadani National Park and Dar Es Salam is nearly 200 miles whereas the International airport is 140 km away. So it usually takes 3 to 4 hours to reach this destination by road or air. You can also book a private plane to reach this national park during Tanzania Safari.

  • From Zanzibar 

You can also reach this exclusive safari destination from the beautiful beaches of Zanzibar. Saadani is nearly 75 km away from Zanzibar which takes a minimum of 3 hours to cover. While traveling from Zanzibar to Saadani you can also explore the vast bluish Indian Ocean.

Possible Activities at Saadani

Saadani National Park offers some exclusive activities hiking, snorkeling, swimming, game drive and walking. We have explained about some of them below:

  • Walking 

Saadani National Park

The best way to explore this national park is by having a walking safari or walking drive. Here you can wander into the bushes and nearby attractions to see the wildlife. Also, you can move along the beaches at the border of this national park to feel the calm weather.

  • Swimming

Saadani National Park

Besides the borders of Saadani their lies the awe-inspiring beaches and the great Indian Ocean. You can also swim into the vast blue water body and can explore the unlimited aqua lives.

  • Village Tour

Saadani National Park 

Saadani offers Tanzania Safari Tours into the ancient villages of this park. Here you can meet with some of the unique tribal people and learn about their tradition and culture.

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