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Know The Reasons Why You Choose Tanzania Holiday Destination

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Know The Reasons Why You Choose Tanzania Holiday Destination

Tanzania is the most popular holiday destination for tourists in Africa. According to the news of “The Citizen” Tanzania has been ranked within the 10 fastest tourism growth countries of the African Continent. Being the United Republic, Tanzania has a lot to offer both at the mainland and in Zanzibar. Zanzibar, for instance, is the queen of spices while the Mainland is blessed with wildlife safaris.

Tanzania holiday destinations

Tanzania Wildlife Safaris

Safri is a great option as a holiday destination in Tanzania. Tanzania owns wonders on wildlife safaris; great mountains for trekking, balloon air flying, white and bluish sea beaches for leisure and holidays. Tanzania has more than 17 National Parks which allows visitors to fill their imaginations with breathtaking places such as Serengeti Nation Park, Mount Kilimanjaro, and Ngorongoro Crater.

Tanzania attracts millions of visitors every year from various parts of the world. Tourists are attracted to its unique ecosystem consisting of the largest quantity of wildlife, ancient tribes, historical sites and species of birds and horticulture. Experience one of the most enthusiastic adventures in Tanzania Wildlife Safaris.

Tanzania Wildlife Safari

Trekking On Highest Peak

Mount Kilimanjaro is the highest peak in Africa and the highest free-standing mountain in the world with a height of 19,200 feet. Every year it offers 1000’s of people to hike on it out of which nearly 80% to 90% of the people reach the summit.

The success rate depends on the path you choose, strength and willpower. It is having 7 routes to its top but you should choose the longest route to hike efficiently. You will be assisted by three persons throughout the journey as well as you should wear better quality hiking clothes.

Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro

Hot Air-Balloon Safari

Enjoy Hot Air Balloon Safari where you will be wandering over the sky viewing the wildlife moving on the land and capture the big 5. Fly over Serengeti to watch the Great Migration.

The best way to enjoy the aerial view of the great migration and other big game in Tanzania is by use of enjoyable remarkable Tanzania Balloon Safari experience discovering the secrete corners of the Serengeti open Savannah.

Hot Air Balloon Safari

Enthralling Beach Holidays and Spice Tours

Are you curious to experience the local culture? Or see coral lagoon? Or smelling cinnamon, cardamom, and garlic? Welcome to Zanzibar and get your mind blown!

Zanzibar is an ancient town which refreshes you with a jolly mood with the historical scenery and the aroma of her clean water and white sands of the beaches such as;

  • Michamvi Beach, Best for Coral Lagoon
  • Bwejuu Beach, Best for Relaxation Safari
  • Kendwa Beach, Best for Sunset view and swimming
  • Nungwi Beach has the View the livelily aqua world
  • Kizimkazi Beach, Watch the friendly Dolphins
  • Pongwe Beach, Dive into the calm waters
  • Matemwe Beach, Learn the local culture

Zanzibar Beach Holidays

Zanzibar is also famous for giving a view of red colobus monkey at Jozari forest; you may also enjoy the colors of Zanzibar through the spice tours at Kizimbani farms in Unguja Island.

Delicious and Healthy Cuisines

Tanzania is not only the location of having adventure or fun but you can also visit this destination to taste a large variety of food with spices of different countries of the world.

Here are some most popular dishes you should try Ugali and Chips Mayai/Mishkaki

Tanzania food

We hope all the above tips were helpful and it’ll inspire you even more to book that trip to Tanzania. This vibrant and extremely diverse country will steal your heart and the love for Africa will only keep on growing.

You can choose Antelope Safaris which is one of the best tour operators of Africa where you can experience the Tanzania Safari Tours or Zanzibar Beach Holidays in a different style. For more information visit our site @ antelopesafaris.com

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