The name of Zanzibar fills our mind with the images of soft-sand, white beaches, and shimmering azure waters. These romantic blissful coastlines have many reasons to visit and we have enlisted a few below:
Blissful beach destination:
The tropical weather, white powdery sand on the beach, and balmy weather make this island paradise for the beach lovers. The destination combines up nature, culture, and adventure all at once.
Enlightening cultural experience:
The stone town of Zanzibar has declared as the UNESCO world heritage site and offers a stunning mixture of art, culture, and history.
Exotic spices:
Spices are the identity of Zanzibar as the island used to be one of the centers for spice trading. Even till date, there are many regions where you can explore spice plantation.
A paradise for couples:
The spice land is not only aromatic but also romantic and an ideal place to spice things up. With some of the stunning lodges, the place is perfect for the honeymooners.
Diverse Island:
Zanzibar offers a range of magnificent island beaches that enables various activities like spice farm, diving, snorkeling and fishing excursions.